Early Morning Bogota

I woke up early this morning and decided to go for a short run to see what Bogota is like first thing. What looks like low hanging cloud you can see in the picture I am starting to think may be pollution.

Traffic, even at 0630, is everywhere. Crossing the main roads is difficult. And its interesting to see that stall holders locate at crossings to serve a temporarily static market of potential customers waiting for the green man.

You can buy sweets, pastries, fresly squeezed fruit juice and even make a call by renting time on as vendor’s mobile (which is chained to the ground or something else as permanent).

I saw 3 other joggers. I couldn’t go far; a combination of lack of fitnesses and not realising the guy at tourist information had marked our hotel in the wrong place on the map, he was about 5 miles out!

Contact lense is where he thinks hotel is and bottle top is where it actually is. But that’s the great thing about early morning exploring. You beat the crowds and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a sense of geographical purpose.

I ended up running to the funicular. I collect rides on these so I have got that to look forward to and at least I know where we are now!