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I am blogging from the National Association of British Market Authorities in Harrogate.

Krys Zasada, NABMAs Policy Manager is presenting the results of the Retail Markets Survey. 261 markets responded to the questionnaire.

Here’s my summary. On a positive note. There is a slight increase in stalls let, a market days have stayed the same and staff numbers have stayed the same.

But, there has been a slight increase in trader turnover, a slight decrease in footfall, income and the bottom line.

These findings suggest to me that the markets are doing ok (at the moment) in terms of the aspects they are in control of; such as the days they open, the staff they employ, perhaps offering incentives to new traders to take short-term licences.

It’s likely that the position will be worse next year, as local authority staff may start to disappear, tempted by the lure of still fairly attractive voluntary redundancy packages.

Other headlines from the research are that outdoor markets are doing better than indoors. Farmers markets are doing better than traditional and, finally, privately operated markets are doing better than local authority markets.

Tomorrow NABMA and IPM are launching the Diploma in Market Administration. Local authority employed Market Officers who manage traditional, indoor markets may want to sign up!

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