Marketing Markets to Tourists

How can market managers attract tourists? David Shield, Area Director of Welcome to Yorkshire identified different segments of the tourist market – or the market tourist market?

Firstly, visitors spend money on food and drink. Sone might go walking or some might visit galleries but they will all definitely eat and drink. So markets that offer sit-down, take away or “souvenir” food should be targeting tourists.

Food and drink provision can also be promoted to self-catering tourists, by working with accommodation providers and tourist associations etc. And why not contact local hotels and restaurants? They can demonstrate their local credentials by buying and promoting market produce.

Local visitor attractions, museums etc may also be willing to showcase and promote your market. Interest in social and local history is increasing, so there may well be a local history group who can offer additional information and pictures to help promote your market.

David also mentioned how important the traders could be in attracting tourists. By acting as “ambassadors” and also “characters”, offering tourists a genuine opportunity to interact with local people.

In conclusion there are three important types of stakeholders in the market tourist market. The consumers, the tourists themselves. Those that create the market experience, the traders and market managers.

And finally, the facilitators, the groups that can reach and communicate with potential new market users, the tourist associations, group travel operators, hotels and museums etc.

A good presentation with lots of practical tips. I wish I had my own market to try them out on.

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